Mechanical Engineering

This course provides an introduction into engineering design and communication through the use of computer aided design (CAD) software. The principles and methods of engineering design are introduced, and the role of graphic communication within the design process is highlighted. Visual communication of engineering designs through technical drawings is extensively covered, with reference to the relevant engineering standards. The use of CAD software to generate computer models and technical drawings is presented and supported by computer-based tutorials.  The student will receive “hands-on” training and will develop the techniques that are essential in today’s job market. The student will learn how to adapt basic technical drafting techniques and skills to CAD

This course shall feature the following areas.

  • Ideal viscous and compressible fluids under internal and external flow conditions. Inviscid
  • Flow, boundary layer, vorticity and rotation of fluid particles. Flow through pipes and ducts.
  • High and low Reynolds number flows. Two dimensional potential flows, Flow machines, cavitation.
  • Thermodynamic and dynamic principles applied to fluid behaviour; stagnation conditions,
  • speed of sound, Mach number and classification of flow, isentropic, Rayleigh, Fanno , Prandtl‐Meyer, and shock.
  • Stream function and velocity potential. Vortex and circulation, Viscous flow; boundry layers,
  • separation and turbulent flow.
  • External flows, Lift and drag, thin air foil theory, Finite wing theory and airfoil design.

The focus of this course is to expose the students to the fundamentals of fluid mechanics through organized lectures in the following areas:

  • Introduction: Properties of fluids: Density, Pressure, surface tension, viscosity, compressibility e.t.c.
  • Fluid statics. Buoyancy of floating bodies.
  • Fluid dynamics. Basic conservation laws.
  • Friction effects and losses in laminar and turbulent flows in ducts and pipes.
  • Dimensional analysis and dynamic similitude.